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Cannes - a relaxed mansion

This country house of 903 sq.m was designed and built on a turn-key basis for full-time residence of a family with children, and it also has everything necessary for hosting parties and entertaining guests.

The center of the house is a two story living room with a round bay-window, surrounded by a balcony with a wrought iron railing on the upper level.

One of the accent items of the interior is the spiral staircase which binds the three stories of the house and is placed against a background wall decorated with a complex gradient finish.

A special feature of the house is the ceiling in the living room. We designed a unique butterfly-shaped sculpture which hovers above the two story open space. It hides a complex roof structure which does not have any props inside the large living room. The columns supporting the roof and placed on the sides of the room are oval-shaped in plan view and upholstered with beige leather.

On the first floor the staircase separates the living room, the kitchen and the dining room from the private zone of the house where the master bedroom and kids’ rooms are located. The second floor accommodates a study, a library, guest bedrooms and a large guest bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. In the basement there is a spacious billiard room with a relax zone, a TV room, a sports room, a spa zone with a sauna, a mosaic-tiled heated seat, a “salt cave” and a small kitchen.

On the first floor there is also a cozy terrace, which is matched by a large balcony with a hanging chair on the second floor.

The land plot has an altitude difference of 3 m, so the house appears to be two story from the front door side, and three story from the side of the pine forest. Orientation of the house ensures that it has a picturesque view of the tall pines and the large pond.

We completed this project on a turn-key basis, including architectural design, interior design, all technical drawings and engineering solutions, utility planning.

For this project we designed quite a few custom-made items: wooden window frames, the spiral staircase with wooden steps and wrought iron railing, two-sided fireplace, ornamented marble floors in the living room and the entrance hall, oval leather clad columns, etc.

All project works, construction and finishing works were completed by us within 24 months.

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