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Cinnamon - sunny minimalism

This country house with total area of 351 sq.m resembles a Swiss chalet with a contemporary twist. Its style could best be described as ‘natural’ minimalism inside and outside.

The project was completed on a turn-key basis, including architectural design, technical drawings for construction, engineering solutions, utility systems planning, internal finishing works. Besides, we developed the interior design concept, managed sourcing and procurement of finishes and interior items.

The house was intended to be a full-time residence, so we had to ensure the proper level of comfort and take care of facilities for recreation and entertainment. The clients did not want the house to be ultramodern or classical, but rather expected us to create an atmosphere of stability and balance. The clients asked us to use natural materials as much as possible, but avoid “dacha” style.

This house was not designed to prove anything to guests. Its mood is relaxed, joyful and friendly. The interior is modern, but not austere or cold. We wanted the house to be as heart-warming as mulled wine in winter cold.

The theme of the interior is “for the love of nature”. References to nature are indirect rather than straightforward: we used natural materials, textures, colours and patterns.

For finishes and furniture we used natural wood of subdued colour shades (scruffy-looking kitchen furniture surfaces, wooden floors in the bedrooms). There is also lots of natural stone in the house – for example, marble fireplace (Breccia Aurora Blue, Bidasar Green). Tabletop in the master bathroom is made of granite (Tropical Green). Staircase steps are made of limestone.

The colour palette of the interior consists of subdued, greenish natural colours: pistachio, green celadon, cereal, hemp, green tea, tobacco, cinnamon.

The house has 3 floors; total internal floor area is 323 sq.m, the total area of terraces and balconies is 28 sq.m.

The first floor is dominated by a living room combined with a kitchen and dining area (59 sq.m). There is also a terrace (14 sq.m), an entrance zone with a walk-in closet (17 sq.m), a guest bedroom (16 sq.m) and a bathroom (6 sq.m).

The second floor accommodates the master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom (39 sq.m), a balcony (8 sq.m), two other bedrooms (21 and 22 sq.m), and a bathroom (7 sq.m).

The basement is reserved for entertainment – there is a billiard room (59 sq.m.) with a TV zone, a spa zone with a sauna and a bathroom (10 sq.m), as well as auxiliary rooms (storage room, laundry room, boiler room).

Close to the main house is a smaller house for personnel and a sheltered BBQ zone.

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