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Lotus - luxury in detail

The clients asked us to design a new spacious house, connected by a gallery with the old house that had already been built on the land plot. An additional difficulty was that the land plot had a significant altitude difference.

The new house has a total area of 546 sq.m (total internal area – 504 sq.m) and consists of two parts: one is a three story master house, and the other is a two story household part. A passage (gallery) on the level of the second floor connects the new house with the old one.

Orientation of the new house ensures that the terrace and the balcony have a beautiful view of the forest and the pond.

The new house has six levels, connected by two staircases located in different parts of the house. At the request of the clients the household auxiliary rooms are located in such a way so that the owners run into the personnel going about their duties as little as possible.

The front door with a porch made of natural granite is located under the gallery. The passage under the gallery leads to the inner part of the garden sprawling down towards the pond through several terraces. The underside of the gallery is planked with dyed larch.

The main staircase binds the 3 floors of the house. The basement (total area – 71 sq.m) accommodates auxiliary household rooms: boiler room, wine cellar, refrigerator room, walk-in closet, storage room, as well as a guest bathroom.

A few steps lead from the entrance hall down into the spacious living room (71,4 sq.m) with a fireplace, dining zone and a lovely view of the garden through a panoramic window. A small kitchen (bar) flanks the living room. Wide glass doors lead from the living room onto the glass terrace with panoramic windows on all sides and a view of the forest and the pond. The terrace walls are decorated with Canadian cedarwood.

A few steps up from the second floor stairs hall lead to two bedrooms (their total area is 77,2 sq.m). Each bedroom is equipped with an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet, and also has a door opening onto the large balcony (29 sq.m) with a glass and steel railing.

Custom-made etched glass doors separate the second floor stairs hall from the gallery which leads to the old house. The gallery has panoramic windows on both sides and a ceiling decorated with larch.

The main kitchen is located on the second floor and has two entrances – from the main part of the house and from the auxiliary part.

The auxiliary part of the house accommodates an apartment for the personnel on the second floor (including two bedrooms, living room with a kitchen zone and a bathroom), and a garage for 2 cars, storage rooms and a bathroom on the first floor.

The floors in the main rooms and the arch leading from the hall into the living room are covered with Versace ceramic tiles. Geometric pattern floors on the terrace are made of marble, and the floors in the bedrooms and in the gallery - made of oak.

The fireplace in the living room was made on the basis of a fireplace insert by Spartherm and decorated with large slabs of natural onyx and onyx mosaic.

Window jambs and sills in the main rooms are made of natural marble.

The main staircase steps are made of Luce De Luna quartzite.

For this project we used wall finishes that provide a special atmosphere to the main rooms: in the main staircase hall – decorative plaster by MaxDecor, in the living room and the bedrooms – textile wallcoverings Ludowig (by KT-Exclusive, Germany), Collezione 10 (by Manifattura Di Tizzana) and Donatello (Print4, Italy). The textile wallcoverings are framed with textile decorative cords along the sides.

The façade of the house is faced with clinker tiles by Stroeher, the roof is made of Belgian MetroBond classic profile roofing.

Garden retaining walls are faced with clinker tiles and covered with natural stone on top.

All the paths and pavings in the garden, as well as the apron around the house, are paved with granite cobblestone, the steps are made of granite as well.

We completed this project on a turn-key basis, including architectural design, interior design, utility systems planning, engineering solutions, construction and finishing works, landscape design and works. The project was completed within 14 months.

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