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Pines - a house in a pine forest

The architecture of this house is rather complex and consists of several intertwined shapes. The house embodies the spirit of American classic one story houses. The actual area of the house (515 sq.m) is larger than it appears to be at first sight – because of the complex layout and also because the second floor is almost fully covered by the roof slopes. From any point of the land plot one can only see a part of the house, which adds some coziness to the place.

The main difficulty with this house’s design and construction was to find a spot for the large house with minimum damage for the pine grove. None of the trees suffered in the course of construction!

For this project we developed the architectural design and engineering solutions, prepared all technical drawings for the construction. We also carried out all construction works, utility systems installation and shell and core fit-out.

The first floor accommodates a living room with a fireplace, combined with a kitchen and a dining zone (99 sq.m), three bedrooms, each equipped with its own en-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet (57 sq.m, 32 sq.m and 29 sq.m), as well as auxiliary rooms – laundry room, boiler room, storage room, guest bathroom and halls.

On the second floor there is one more living room (billiard room) – 66 sq.m, two kids’ rooms (40 sq.m and 39 sq.m) and two guest bedrooms, all with their own bathrooms and closets (41 sq.m and 22 sq.m).

The architectural design project of this house can be purchased.

The package includes:

-  layout drawings with furniture placement and all measurements,

-  exterior elevation drawings with all measurements,

-  roof layout with all measurements.

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