Beauty is achievable.


Atmosphere of your home is the starting point and the ultimate goal of our work. We can help you find the right style and achieve it without sacrifices.

We are a design studio and a full-cycle construction company specializing in residential construction and refurbishment of houses and apartments. Our scope of services extends from projects completed on a turnkey basis (from scratch to full implementation, including all finishes and furnishing) to assistance with requests for specific design or construction works.


Our services include:

  1. Architectural design for country houses.
  2. Interior design for residential and commercial spaces.
  3. Construction and refurbishment of country houses, apartments and commercial spaces.
  4. Landscape design.

We help our clients to:

  • make the construction/renovation process easy and convenient for the client,
  • avoid engineering and aesthetical mistakes,
  • optimize layout design,
  • create a unique and elegant space,
  • navigate in the sea of technical solutions, interior finishes and furniture,
  • ensure consistency of design and engineering systems,
  • coordinate the work of contractors involved in the project.

We are good at it because:

  • we specialize in residential architecture and interior design since 1995,
  • our experience and expertise allow us to take on full-scope projects, including architectural and interior design, construction, engineering and project management,
  • we love tackling difficult tasks,
  • we ensure individual approach to our clients’ lifestyle and requirements.


We are based in Moscow and mostly work on projects for properties located in Moscow and its suburbs. We also provide remote design, engineering and consulting services for properties situated in other regions of Russia and abroad.


Our prices are at the market medium level, but this is money well spent – our clients get individual approach, experience and expertise of qualified designers, engineers and builders. If you do not have time or intention to get seriously involved in construction or refurbishment, research various technical options, take care of procurement, discuss various issues with the builders – you can fully rely on us to take into account all details in our designs and control the quality of the works.