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Charleston - return of art deco

This apartment is decorated in a contemporary version of art deco – a style that was popular in the first half of the 20th century. This style is distinguished by impressive forms, emphasized luxury, deep colors, gold and silver details, exotic materials and motives in furniture and finishes. The apartment has a magnificent view of Moscow skyline from a height of 80 meters, so we thought that the spirit of the first skyscrapers age would suit the place very well.

For this apartment we had to create a layout that would include three isolated rooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room – all in addition to a living room. The difficulty was that the front door was located in a corner of the space. Nevertheless, out of the total area of 121 sq.m we managed to allocate maximum possible space to the living room (which includes a kitchen and a dining zone) – 45 sq.m. A hall leads from the living room towards the bedrooms (22, 13,7 and 13,8 sq.m) and bathrooms (8,1 and 1,8 sq.m). The master bedroom has a mini working zone (5,2 sq.m). Besides, the apartment has a laundry room (3,3 sq.m).

An obvious advantage of the apartment is a panoramic window on the longer side of the space, and two large windows on the other side. Since the apartment is located on the 26th floor and has a beautiful view of the city, we wanted to make the most of it, so the living room facing northeast only has thin tulle curtains.

The interior design concept is based on the American version of art deco: the style of energetic cosmopolitan cities. The key features of the style are its spectacularity, luxury, rhythmical geometric patterns, signature soft clear lines and rich colour palette – all of this was creatively reconsidered for the project.

The colour scheme of the interior is built on contrasts. The basic colour is black. Black Galaxy natural granite floors in the common areas are complimented by wenge wooden floors in the bedrooms. The eccentric vibe is supported by black furniture. For this interior we purchased a few items by Smania (Italy) – made of wenge and with leather inserts; a sofa and armchairs by Baxter (upholstered with cowhide) and lighting fixtures also by Smania, which add an ethnic touch to the interior.

Black is balanced by red and gold. It was not easy to find the right shade of festive red for the wall finishes – for this we had to do lots of tests. Eventually, we opted for red Venetian plaster with a golden finish for the common areas of the apartment.

The focal point of the interior is the golden column in the living room, which owes its shiny finish to a golden foil geometric pattern. A large Baga chandelier also appears golden on this background.

A powerful collision of black, gold and red is the main attraction of the interior. The unusual colour palette and atmosphere was a brave decision, and of course this interior would not be a perfect home for everybody. However, the owners are happy with their choice, because the interior style suits their preferences. And the guests get a mind-opening experience when they come to visit.

The entrance hall is decorated in black and red, same as the living room. The doors of built-in closet are upholstered with black calf skin – this is another special feature of the interior.

Two bathrooms are decorated in contrasting colours: white and black. As everywhere else in the apartment, we used expensive materials and out-of-the-box design solutions. In the guest bathroom the walls are covered with Cashmir White natural granite and black-and-gold Bisazza mosaic tiles. In the master bathroom the floors are made of golden mosaic tiles and the walls are covered with Black Galaxy natural granite with golden Bisazza mosaic stripes. The ceilings in the bathrooms are dark, covered with Venetian plaster.

Bold design solutions require support in all the details – even Villeroy&Boch bathroom fixtures and Hansgrohe Axor mixer taps chosen for the apartment have a matte golden finish.

240 cm high doors by Tre-Piu (Planus model) have metal frames which provide a contemporary twist and match the spectacular interior style.

This project was completed on a turn-key basis, including interior design, utility systems planning, sourcing and procurement, and decorating.

We used Smania and Baxter furniture in the sitting and dining zones, master bedroom and in the entrance hall. The furniture in the other bedrooms is by Orrizzonti, BM Style, Tumidei, Cantori. All built-in furniture was manufactured according to our designs. Kitchen furniture was made by Copat according to our project. Kitchen appliances are by Miele, Kuppersbusch. Worktops are made of Black Galaxy natural granite. Lighting fixtures are by Baga, Smania, Itre, Studio Italia Design, Toscot.

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This project was featured in #48 issue of 'The Best Interiors' magazine (Warner World Media, 2006).