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Elephant - country house for active leisure

This country house with an area of 335 sq.m is located close to a skiing resort in the suburbs of Moscow. The land plot originally had a significant altitude difference (3,5 m) and quite a few mature trees. The architectural concept was born based on the analysis of limitations. The idea was to place the house in the top part of the land plot, in a narrow clearing among the trees on the brink of an old ditch.

The house consists of four blocks placed diagonally at different levels along the sloping hillside. Each part of the house has its own roof and façade finish: glass, brick, white paint over plaster. The house is tucked away in a discreet part of the land plot and cannot be seen from the driveway. The old ditch was turned into a small pond with a barbeque hut under a flat transparent roof.

Landscape design aims to emphasize the beauty of the surroundings. We teamed the existing birch-tree grove with newly planted conifers, fruit trees and bushes. A man-made creek running across the land plot falls into the big pond which is the place to go swimming in summer and skating in winter. We created a rocky hill with a waterfall which falls into the smaller pond. A sheltered and heated barbeque hut with a chimney and a dining table was placed on an island in the smaller pond.

Each part of the house on the first floor is a separate functional zone: one is a terrace with three-side floor-to-ceiling windows (49 sq.m); the brick-faced part accommodates a living room with dining room and kitchen zones (57 sq.m); the white part of the house consists of halls (16 and 8 sq.m), a guest bedroom (15 sq.m), a home spa with a sauna (12 sq.m), technical rooms; the one-storey part of the house is a garage for snowmobiles and other sporting equipment.

Three bedrooms on the second floor are organized as separate zones (29, 27 and 27 sq.m), each with its own en-suite bathroom and closet. Also, the house has a guest bedroom on the first floor (15 sq.m) and a study on the second floor (15 sq.m).

We developed the architectural design of the house and its interior design, projects of the barbeque hut and the guest house, drafted all technical drawings and developed all engineering solutions. We also created the landscape design project. The project was completed by us on a turn-key basis. The timeframe for all construction and finishing works was 12 months, and the landscape works were completed within the 2 following years.

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