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Klen - country house with a round bay window

The house consists of two parts – the main part which has two full-size stories topped by an attic, and an auxiliary part which accommodates a garage and its own attic.

The key architectural features of the house are the round bay window and tall windows everywhere in the house.

We developed the architectural design of the house, the engineering solutions and prepared the technical drawings for construction. Also, we designed the interior and handled sourcing and procurement with regard to finishes, lighting, electrics, doors, kitchen furniture and custom-made items.

We carried out all construction works, utility systems installation, shell and core fit-out and finishing works, main landscape construction works.

The first floor accommodates a living room (30 sq.m), a kitchen / dining room (25 sq.m), a bedroom (19 sq.m), a spa zone with a sauna, a lounge and a bathroom (26 sq.m), a garage and a workshop (49 sq.m), an entrance hall and a walk-in closet, auxiliary rooms (a bathroom, a laundry room, a boiler room, another entrance hall).

The master bedroom with a bathroom and a walk-in closet (56 sq.m) is located on the second floor. Also, there is another bedroom with a walk-in closet (28 sq.m), a study with a balcony (14 sq.m), a bathroom (5 sq.m) and halls.

The attic over the garage (42 sq.m) houses the apartment of the personnel with its own bathroom and kitchen.

The attic over the two story part of the house (71 sq.m) accommodates a guest room, a guest bathroom and a playroom.

The architectural design project of this house can be purchased.

The package includes:

-  layout drawings with furniture placement and all measurements,

-  exterior elevation drawings with all measurements,

-  roof layout with all measurements.

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